eAcademy Parent & Student Information

Graduate with your district?s diploma & walk with your class

Participate in all local district sporting activities

Join student clubs & philanthropic organization

Attend field trips

Sing in the chorus or play in the band

Attend the Career and Vocational Technical Center

Attend pep-rallies, prom, and other school events

Utilize support services for special education, gifted education, and tutoring

Technical support, computer and Internet service available

eAcademy Information

All courses offered through eAcademy are taught by highly-qualified, Pennsylvania-certified teachers from your local school district and surrounding school districts in Westmoreland County. All teachers have received comprehensive training in best practices and pedagogy for online teaching and learning.

At eAcademy, we understand that the traditional bricks and mortar classroom is not always the best learning environment for every child. As children develop, their social, emotional, and academic needs will evolve and change. Therefore, we feel that providing online learning options for children is the best way to meet their varied needs. These options give students and families a choice in the academic schedule and activities in which they participate. Students have the benefit of taking their core academic courses online, and having the choice to take electives such as fine arts, band, and other course in the traditional classroom at their local school district. The program gives students the ability to get a customized, online education while maintaining important social connections at school. Our knowledgeable Online Education Advisors will help students and families develop a schedule that best suits the interests and needs of each child. Your child will remain enrolled in your local public school district and graduate with a district diploma.

Engaging Students

Courses are offered through eAcademy include both synchronous and asynchronous instruction. Content is presented in a variety of engaging ways; using multimedia and collaborative tools. Teachers utilize the latest tools and emerging technologies to bring course content to life. This results in lessons that intrinsically motivate students to learn and appeal to the preferences of today's digital learner.

Curriculum Alignment

Each course is aligned to the PA Core Standards established by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. This means that your child can move seamlessly between online courses and the traditional classroom from year to year without experiencing "gaps" in the curriculum. When your child takes a course online, he or she will cover the same high-quality, rigorous curriculm as in the traditional classroom. Lessons and assessments are designed to challenge students and encourage inquiry, while fostering their individual needs and learning styles. Because students have more flexibility in an online course, they can move through the material at a more customized pace.

Tools for Success

eAcademy allows students to choose a schedule and courses that suit them. Because we are a consortium of schools, students have the option to take a wide range of online courses in all areas of the curriculum. Students will receive a laptop and wireless Internet access for use with their online courses. When students are working from home, they will have access to teachers and technical support both online and over the phone. Whatever path your child takes, you can be assured that his or her education will be well supported.