Drastically reduce funding loss to cyber schools

Provide a full online curriculum to students

Improve 4-year graduation rates

Expand curricular offerings to students

High-Impact professional development for teacher and administrators

Boost technology integration in the classroom

Provide flexible scheduling opportunities to students

Fully integrate online learning into the school culture

About eAcademy

The WIU eAcademy program is a consortium of schools dedicated to bringing flexible online learning options to district students. eAcademy is not a cyber-school, but rather a service to school districts that builds the capacity to offer online learning opportunities to students. All of our students remain enrolled in their home district, graduate with a district diploma, and experience all of the benefits and services that our local districts have to offer. As a result, each student receives the best possible education in an environment tailored to his or her unique needs. Our system of supports ensures that parents, students, teachers, and local district administrators all work together to ensure student success. All WIU eAcademy courses are taught by highly-qualified teachers from our member districts. Each teacher has completed a comprehensive eAcademy training that was developed using research from iNACOL, Quality Matters and other leaders in the field of online learning. Our courses are rigorous, aligned to the PA Core Standards, and engaging for students.

The WIU eAcademy Consortium allows districts to leverage resources and share best-practices. Whenever possible, students are paired with teachers from his or her home school district, but have the opportunity to take courses from another district's teacher if necessary. The eAcademy staff makes utilizing our program simple for districts by coordinating all of the student enrollments, overseeing instruction, and providing full-time help desk support.

Finally, eAcademy is not just limited to cyber students. Our training and technology allows every district teacher and student to have access to these powerful learning tools, enhancing learning in the traditional classroom. Teachers have the ability to differentiate instruction, post lessons and resources, and provide valuable remediation, intervention and extension every learner.

eAcademy Team